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Island Ambassador 2021
Spending the last couple of evenings a bit glued to the new 'Island Ambassadors' group ...
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Powering Better Islands
Around the world there are thousands of small islands. Some remote. Others close to the ...
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This month I've observed not just a continued ramping up of commentary and positivity on ...
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Getting a Grip
A week before starting at Olwg, I went to Devon with two friends from university; ...
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Back to work....a new normal for me
June 2020, the country was easing its way out of lockdown, Covid cases were on ...
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So How’s It All Going?
Now that we’re deep into Autumn, with not very much of 2020 left (thanks for ...
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Our team grows to three!
Last week we welcomed Harry to our small team. We met Harry over the summer ...
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The endless summer is over, conkers are falling off the trees, the kids are back ...
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