Creating affordable web-based applications for clean energy project decision making

Founded in 2020 by Rosie & Tony Griffiths as Olwg, Olsights delivers a modern approach to engineering by creating innovative self-serve digital tools to accelerate low carbon developments in a cost-effective manner for both public and private organisations.



At Olsights we are productizing traditional engineering methodologies for faster workflows.

We create interactive & intuitive visualisations to quickly deliver insights for clean energy and decarbonisation projects. By engaging with customers to analyse their project needs from the bottom up allows us to tailor our applications to meet specific needs. Our approach is 100% digital and data & technology agnostic.


We make understanding energy transition easier and more accessible to give everyone the power and the knowledge to make the right decisions.

Our Purpose

To accelerate the energy transition by providing affordable and efficient clean energy and decarbonisation insights.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the trusted choice globally for high quality clean energy & decarbonisation data and project analysis tools.

Our Mission

To create self-serve digital solutions to allow quick cost-effective decision making for low carbon developments.

The Team Behind the Vision

Olsights has a lean, dedicated core team that works collaboratively partner companies and is well supported by an experienced team of advisors.

Tony Griffiths

CEO & Technical Director

Tony is a process engineer with 27 years global experience in energy leadership and engineering management including field development planning and maturation and major project execution and operations support over all phased on the development lifecycle.

Emmanuel Kirunda

COO & Commercial Director

Emmanuel is a project management professional with 19 years global experience in energy engineering, investment banking and project developments. Emmanuel has recently completed a MBA and has deep experience with economic modelling and financial analysis of a wide range of renewable energy propositions and infrastructure investments.

Rosie Griffiths

CCO & Creative Director

Rosie is process engineer with a wide range of project development and operation engineering experience in the UK and Australia. Rosie has a keen interest in graphic design which she uses to combine creative and technical to help make complex information and data more visually appealing and easier for everyone to understand.

Maxim Musikin

Lead Developer

Maxim Computer Science specialist who has gained experience in multiple organisations. His current passion is making interactive data visualisations and maps but he is also adept at many other areas of development including cloud computing, web and integrated API development and quality assurance.

Olsights has been supported by


Olsights have provided a very effective and responsive service in developing HyCymru s one stop shop service on hydrogen in Wales. They deliver clarity and simplicity on complicated energy topics through easy to understand data visualisation, drawing on their deep knowledge and experience in the energy industry.

Guto Owem, Project Director, HyCmyru

Find out how Olsights can help you

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