Giving you the power to understand clean energy and decarbonisation developments.

The Olsights eye is a subscription based application that uses easy to understand visualisations to deliver up to date clean energy and decarbonisation insights. 

Our first in industry integrates all energy vectors, demand and supply, infrastructure and national policy all in one place. Using the The Eye helps you quickly screen all project options to find the best solution to meet your targets. 


What is the Olsights Eye?

The Olsights Eye is a unique visual spatial analytic app to enable informed decisions to drive decarbonisation efforts forward.

Using the Olsights Eye project to assist in decision making  allows you to quickly screen for opportunities anywhere in the world by:
Simplifying the Complex
  • 3D visualisations
  • Colour coded for carbon intensity & transmission type
  • Interactive with clear customisable outputs
  • 3D & colour-coded for carbon intensity & transmission type
Speeding up Whole System Analysis
  • Responsive insights for emissions, H2, CCS & renewables development
  • Integration of technical, economic and greenhouse gas analysis
  • Explore current emissions and future developments together
Giving You the Power to Explore Your Own Solutions
  • Unbiased analytic insights based on real life project experience
  • Multiple scenario planning
  • Dynamically updated global licence, project status & transmission datasets
  • Option for custom collaborative data or feature build


All the key features of the Olsights Eye have been built through

working and collaborating on real world problems

Sample insights already available to explore include:

Olsights Eye CO2 Emissions

CO2 Emissions

CCS & Blue Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen & Planned Renewables

Marine Energy

Onshore Power

Energy Storage

A global application for all energy decision makers

Who is the Olsights Eye For?

The Olsights Eye is for anyone with an interest in Energy Transition and decarbonisation, but particularly for project decision and policy makers who require a deeper understanding of how all energy technologies connect and the potential impact of developments.

  • Project Developers
  • Public Agencies
  • Governments, Councils & Politicians
  • Journalists
  • Consultants
  • Researchers

Find out how Olsights can help you

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