Visualising the world
of clean energy

Olsights is a clean energy data visualisation and application developer creating tools to equip energy decision makers with essential insights to understand and assess the impact of decarbonisation projects.

With the Olsights Eye, our cutting-edge application, we merge innovative technology with sustainable goals, empowering you with the information required to drive the energy transition towards cleaner and more efficient solutions.



Solve the problem of long timelines to screen optimal development opportunities and connect them to the Power Grid

Complexities of a nascent industry

Rapidly changing landscape with inadequate regulatory environment meaning there is overwhelming good and bad data. Different levels of decision makers see different material.

Traditional consultancies incentivize long durations

Manhour based business models tie  revenue directly to the number of hours worked, creating a financial incentive for prolonged timelines.  

The Power Grids are severely constrained

UK Grid connection can take up to 15 years. In the US, the grid connection queue is twice as much as the current grid capacity.

There is need for a more efficient and integrated planning approach

Olsights Services

Speed up important decision making to hit your targets faster

Olsights Eye

A subscription based application helping you understand the impact energy vectors have on clean energy and decarbonisation developments on a global scale.

Bespoke App Development

Custom made stand-alone apps for your clean energy project or customise existing Olsights apps to your specification.

Advisory Services

Product led advisory services using Olsights applications for clean energy and decarbonisation projects.

Olsights have proved themselves not once but twice in providing fast insights into large datasets. At the Crown Estate, I wanted to dig deeper into the mass of public domain data to understand where the UK’s carbon emissions really come from and how they would reach potential carbon stores. Olsights asked the right questions to address our needs and delivered quickly as they promised. Great experience. “

Adrian Topham, Senior development manager CCUS, The crown estate

Who we work with

At Olsights we work with project developers and decision makers who looking for a deeper understanding of how all energy technologies connect and the potential impact of developments.  

London Borough of Hounslow
The Crown Estate
Welsh Government
SSE Transmission
Senedd Cymru
Drift Energy
Menter Mon

Analyse. Visualise. Decide.

Contact us for a demo of our applications or for more details how we can help with your clean energy or decarbonisation projects.