Olwg directors Rosie and Tony (plus future engineer son Theo!) started the weekend in style on Friday by attending and presenting at an interactive STEM careers event for young people to explore trends such as battery technology (electrification, energy storage), green economy and the urgent need to fuel the green revolution and a sustainable future for the next generation.

The event was hosted in partnership with the Faraday Institution in the historic lecture the of the Royal Institution and featured talks from Fran Long, Faraday Institution Education and Training Lead and Faraday Institution co-investigator Billy Wu who together explored the challenges of developing battery technology for an electric future followed by an engaging panel discussion with Faraday Institution PhD researchers.

The talks were followed by a mini science fair with interactive exhibits from companies (including Olwg) and research groups working in the clean tech and energy transition sector.

The event was a great opportunity for young people to learn first hand the diverse ways researchers and companies are working in this field and different jobs they might find.

Olwg was delighted to asked to present their digital tools at the event and it was great talking to some of the scientists of the future.

To learn more about what Olwg do and how their digital tools can provide valuable insights into energy transition problems please email info@olwg.co.uk.

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