Olwg, in supporting leading clean energy solutions provider Logan Energy, has won a public tender contract with Anglesey social enterprise Menter Môn, to support the development of a hydrogen production plant, refuelling and distribution hub in Holyhead, North Wales.

Admiring Holyhead and the Breakwater- from The Mountain

Edinburgh-based Logan Energy are leading a consortium of local businesses and specialists (which also includes Conwy-based Cadnant Planning, Aberdeen-based energy solicitors Stronachs LLP, and local Environmental Consultant Patrick Bigham) to undertake the pre-works and development of the hub facility in Holyhead.

As the second-largest freight port in the UK, Holyhead was identified as an ideal site for the Hub, hosting large HGV movements annually as well as potential demands at the port. The Holyhead Hydrogen Hub will be a first of its kind in Wales and is supported by the Isle of Anglesey County Council and the Welsh Government. The hub aims to create 20-30 initial jobs and help support over 500 local businesses while bolstering low carbon infrastructure capabilities as the country moves towards a green recovery.

Olwg’s role in the development is to help structure and screen the project options using tried & tested techniques adopted from the oil industry, and to further explore local business opportunities based on close links with Holyhead.

“Having gone to school a short walk from the proposed hub site, it’s an honour to support Holyhead’s role in the energy transition. I admire Menter Môn’s community-focused creative ambitions, and the positive impact they’ve had around Anglesey. I’m excited to work with Logan Energy who have a pragmatic approach and established record for facilities delivery. In my youth I was blessed with plentiful local industrial placement opportunities that existed at the time, and I’d love to see Anglesey’s ‘Energy Island’ vision come together to sustain future careers.” – Tony (Olwg Technical Director)

As an industry which contributes to around a quarter of global CO2 emissions, the energy-intensive haulage and heavy transport sector is in urgent need of efficient and scalable low carbon energy solutions if net zero targets are to be met by 2050. The current fuel demands of heavy industry goods vehicles in the Holyhead region are large.

The Holyhead Hydrogen Hub project aims to establish a hydrogen supply-chain to serve the Port of Holyhead and heavy vehicles, while also providing the platform for scale-up and diversification to serve other markets. With a target operational date of 2023, this project will be the first to be developed in Wales under a ‘hub & spoke’ model, and will see collaborations with complementary developments in other regions of Wales, the UK, and the Republic of Ireland.

“We are now in ‘Frame 3’ thinking where transformative change requires change of lifestyle, and thus daily mobility, water, energy, food and other resource-use practices. We need to rapidly evolve from niche solutions to meaningful decarbonisation projects, we need to find out as soon as possible which solutions will work” – Simon (Olwg Commercial Director)

Trefignath (neolithic burial chamber) at top of Parc Cybi

Olwg is a technology-assisted low carbon project screening and decision bureau, offering a fresh alternative to traditional lengthy engineering processes. ​
By re-engineering an approach to energy transition problem-solving to be more effective, quick, visually-relatable and accessible, Olwg aims to assist a diverse range of progressive decision makers with their ambitions of engineering a timely clean energy transition.​
This is achieved through a combination of tailored development framing, technology assessment, shortcut algorithms and modern analytic techniques – so the right project concepts can be selected early, based on only the most relevant criteria.​
Olwg was founded in 2020 by Rosie and Tony Griffiths.
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