REACT Strategic Innovation Fund Project to Develop Innovative Geographical Planning Tool for Power Grid Connection

Olsights is delighted to announce its participation in a Round 2 Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) Discovery Phase project, funded by Ofgem and managed by Innovate UK. With SSEN Transmission as the Lead Partner, Olsights along with MapStand & Icebreaker One as the Development Partners will launch a project focused on devising an innovative geographical planning tool, based on the problems currently associated with organisations navigating increasing numbers of large connection requests.

The REACT (Rapid Evaluation Areal Connection Tool) project aims to utilise SSEN Transmissions power flow modelling data to approximate the impact of a connection on the grid, prior to making connection applications. REACT will aim to develop an innovative spatial planning tool to incorporate the current and future power and gas infrastructure, enabling users to identify alternative grid connections.

The initial phase of the project will focus on a use case around electrolytic hydrogen in the North of Scotland due to the significant interest received by SSEN Transmission to suit this technology on their network. Future phases of REACT aim to have the capabilities to incorporate other demand, generation and storage technologies such as carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), battery storage, and pumped hydro.

“In the transition away from fossil fuels, we see that the future is mostly electrification – but at the same time we also see that grid connection times for large energy transition projects are being quoted in excess of 15 years. There’s a big opportunity revolutionise how projects can be screened more visually in a way such that transmission reinforcements are avoided or minimised, and good developments are accelerated” said Tony Griffiths, CEO & Technical Director of Olsights. “With REACT, network operators and developers can quickly screen alternative sites and grid connection opportunities, saving time and costs associated with applications that require significant grid reinforcements.”

The Strategic Innovation Fund is a program aimed at supporting innovative projects that address major challenges facing the energy industry. The collaboration between Olsights, SSEN Transmission, MapStand, and Icebreaker One represents a significant milestone in the quest for SME-driven innovative solutions that can support the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Olsights is a UK based clean energy data visualisation & application developer creating affordable web-based tools that allow quick decision-making to help with the energy transition challenge.

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