These open source resources have been gathered and shared to give users an easy way to access solar PV tools curated to give more detailed information about solar PV for homes and commercial use. This ranges from calculators to predict costs and savings of using solar PV panels on homes to maps which can give power output and irradiation on a global scale.

Solar Energy Calculator

Predicts costs and CO2 savings for domestic use of solar PV panels on residential homes/businesses.

Source: Energy Saving Trust

Interactive Solar PV Tool

Shows perfomance of off and on grid connected PV as well as monthly, daily and hourly data on energy output and outline of horizon.

Source: European Commission – Photovoltaic Geographical Information System

Solar PV and Storage Tool

Tool helps to help developing countries estimate energy and battery storage availability and sizing for sustainable scale up, adapt and develop new storage solutions.

Source: Storage Sizing Energy Data

Solar PV Forecasting Tool

Tool to forecast capabilities in power system operations to reduce balancing costs, minimising renewable curtailment and improve system reliability. Provides short-term solar PV power forecasts based on publicly available weather predictions.

Source: Energy Data

Global Solar Atlas

Using a dropper on a global map to find specific photovolatic power output as well as calculated energy yield for different sized PV systems.

Source: Energy Data


Solar resource assessment and forecasting data for irradiance and PV power, created using a global fleet of weather satellites with historical and live and forecasting data.

Source: SolCast


Identify and explore high potential project areas for solar, onshore and offshore wind developments.

Source: ESMAP


Plan, design, optimise PV plant engineering process, maximise profitability using cloud-based software to automate and analyse solar PV plants, speed up design process to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Source: RatedPower

Easy Solar

Design and prepare solar system with complete extensive financial analysis and sales model with AI algorithms.

Source: Easy Solar