These open-source resources are gathered and shared to give an idea of the geographical distribution and heterogeneity of power generation facilities and distribution infrastructure (both onshore and offshore);

CO2 and heat emissions, and indicative regional solar, wind and tidal resources.

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London Heat Map

Tool designed to help identify areas of high heat demand in London

Source: Greater London Authority by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE)

London Building Stock Model

London Building Stock Model which has data on every domestic and non-domestic building in the capital.

Source: Mayor of London + UCL Energy Institute

UK Offshore Interactive Map

Web based map showing OGA data on the UK Continental Shelf

Source: Oil & Gas Authority

Solar Cooker Map

Distribution of Solar Cookers around the world

Source: Solar Cookers International

Global coal power

Online global coal power infographic

Source: Carbon Brief

Crown Estate Asset Map

Explore Crown Estate assets across the UK using their interactive maps

Source: Crown Estate

EnergyREV Community Energy

A GIS map of local and community energy projects across the UK

Source: EnergyREV

Crown Estate Open Data

The site provides access to all the data that The Crown Estate publishes along with some of the web applications that are used to make this information available to the public

Source: Crown Estate

London Solar Opportunity Map

Online solar mapping tool to estimate potential for both photovoltaic solar panels and solar thermal installations on buildings + open land around the capital.

Source: Mayor of London + UCL Energy Institute

Global Forest Watch

online platform that provides data and tools for monitoring forests; allows anyone to access near real-time information about where + how forests are changing around the world

Source: Global Forest Watch

Mapstand Platform

Interactive Maps for Oil Gas & Renewable Energy

Source: Mapstand

London Community Energy

Community Energy London project map

Source: Community Energy London

Natural Climate Solutions World Atlas

Demonstrates opportunities for countries around the world to view how natural climate solutions (NCS) alongside emission reduction strategies, can help them reduce their net greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Nature 4 Climate

UK Onshore Interactive Map

Web based map showing OGA data onshore in the UK

Source: Oil & Gas Authority

Biogas Map

Map of Installed UK biogas plants

Source: NNFCC The Bioeconomy Experts

IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas

A novel tool for flexible spatial and temporal analyses of much of the observed and projected climate change information

Source: IPCC

Global Carbon Atlas

CO2 emissions of several countries over time

Source: BNP Paribas

Local Authority CO2 Interactive Map

Shows CO2 totals by local authority from the UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory for 2018

Source: National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory

Tidal current Map

Online tidal current map from Norwegian Meteorological Institute & Broadcasting Corp

Source: Norwegian Meteorological Institute & Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Open InfraMap

Open Source Energy Infrastructure Map

Source: Open InfraMap

Global Wind Atlas

CAccess and compare wind resource potential between areas in a region or across countries

Source: World Bank Group & Technical University of Denmark

Europe Offshore Wind Map

Online global offshore wind map

Source: 4C Offshore

WindDesk Discover

Prospect for wind farms straight from your browser

Source: Traverse

Global Solar Atlas

Provides quick and easy access to global solar resource and photovoltaic power potential

Source: World Bank Group