Live Data

These open-source resources are gathered and shared to give an appreciation of some different creative ways that complex energy & climate has been visualised to aid understanding.

Complexity of energy & climate data, considering the dynamic nature and geographical distribution of emissions and renewable resources presents a key challenge in posing solutions to decarbonisation, and designing systems or modelling realistic economics for future projects.

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Daily Carbon Prices

Tracking the European Union and United Kingdom Emissions Trading System carbon market price day-by-day

Source: Ember

Gridwatch Power Gen

GB Fuel type power generation production

Source: Gridwatch

The Energy Current

Realtime integration and analytics for GB and European energy markets

Source: LCP Enact

Offshore Wind Electricity Map

the estimated total electricity being generated by offshore wind sites across the UK, as well as the individual contribution from each wind farm

Source: Crown Estate

Gridwatch CO2 Emissions

GB Electricity National Grid CO2e Output per Production Type

Source: Gridwatch

Live PV Generation

Estimate updated every 30 minutes during daylight hours

Source: University of Sheffield

Energy Prices

View recent and historical wholesale energy prices for oil, gas and electricity

Source: Clifford Talbot Partnership

Nord Pool Spot

Trade power in 16 countries as well as adding specific related services such as compliance, data or courses

Source: Nord Pool

National Grid Live Status

The National Grid is Great Britain’s electricity transmission network, distributing the electrical power generated in England, Scotland, and Wales, and transferring energy between Great Britain and Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway

Source: Kate Rose Morley


The Dashboard provides a quick overview of the live electricity mix, carbon emissions and the amount of low carbon electricity

Source: Dr Andrew Crossland


Live carbon intensity of electricity production & consumption, by country

Source: Tomorrow

Epex Spot

EPEX SPOT offers a wide range of products and services, to trade across the entire value chain of electricity

Source: APX Group