Grid Connections

These open source and commercial resources have been gathered and shared to give users access to a varied collection of grid connection tools. This includes maps, visuals as well as data processing/planning tools to make the process of connecting small domestic and larger commercial projects to the grid easier and more efficient. These tools are also essential in identifying areas of constraints or potential locations for planned projects.

ENTSO-E Transmission System Map

Transmission – Europe

This map is a comprehensive illustration of the transmission system network operated by members of the European Network of Transmission System Operators. In general the map shows all transmission lines designed for 220kV voltage and higher and generation stations with net generation capacity of more than 100MW.

Source: ENTSOE

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Transmission Network Capacity Map

Distribution – Midlands, South-West England, South Wales

Map provides an indication of the networks capability to connect large-scale developments to major substations. The colour gradings are intended to guide the user to areas of the network where a connection is more likely to be achieved without significant reinforcement.

Source: National Grid

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Distributed Generation Heat Maps

Distribution – South and Central Scotland

Map to help check if existing network is capacble of providing power needed to operate as well as closest grid supply point constraint. Provides indication of potential opportunities to connect Distributed Generation to 11 and 33kV network in SP Distribution licence area.

Source: SP Energy Networks

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Planned Projects Mapping Tool

Transmission – North Scotland

Map of planned transmission projects with details of type, location, status and rating.
Contains information on different transmission projects in North Scotland with visuals of progress and size of project, enables easy identification of suitable connections to certain transmission lines within the area.

Source: SSEN

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Grid Capacity

Distribution – France

Grid Capacity brings together all open data relating to the public electricity distribution network for most of mainland France, in a single, simple and intuitive web interface.

Source: Roseau Technologies

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Network Capacity Heatmap Tool

Distribution – North West England

Contains capacity information on all primary substations and bulk supply points, provides interface that enables easy identification of network constraints in vicinity of site. Will be used for initial discussion between operator and customer.

Source: Electricity Northwest

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Generation Availability Network Maps

Transmission and Distribution – North Scotland, South England

Map of grid supply points, substations for generation availability and network capacity.
Map shows the different GSPs and BSPs in South-West England and Northern Scotland, shows constrained and unconstrained points with details of each connection point.

Source: SSEN

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Interactive Connections Map

Transmission – Great Britain

Illustrative map of electricity transmission system, and highlights need to transmit volumes of energy.
Shows future planned projects with specific locations as well as future transmission requirements and capability of National Electricity Transmission system over next 10 years, provides recommendations for which reinforcement projects should receive investment.

Source: National Grid ESO

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Connection Request and Check Tools

Distribution – Great Britain

Digitalise and automate evaluation process for new connection applications. Automated online portal for indicative feedback on potential connection point directly from the grid operator’s website, customisable customer self-service for grid operator, automated calculation of probable grid connect point for new asset.

Source: Envelio

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Manweb Heat Maps

Transmission – North Wales

Map to help check if existing network is capacble of providing power needed to operate as well as closest grid supply point constraint.
Provides indication of potential opportunities to connect Distributed Generation to 11, 33, 132 or 400kVA network in SP Manweb plc licence area.

Source: SP Energy Networks

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Distribution Mapping Tool

Distribution – South-East England

Map of substations and distribution system.
Map shows the 132 kV substations, overhead lines, towers and customer connections.

Source: UK Power Networks

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ConnectNow Research Assistant

Transmission – England and Wales

Map with potential demand connections, where location is chosen and the tool generates estimated distance from substation, as well as generation rate.
Designed to provide connection information and investigate options, see connection timeframes, estimate cost profiles, enquire directly to National Grid Elec Transmission for connection. Helps to understand potential connection options, submit enquiries ahead of applying for connection. Gives different charges and options. Not only limited to the area that they are the energy network provider for.

Source: National Grid

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