Friday Fun Facts

……there is currently over 680 GW of total planned and operational wind power capacity around the UK and its immediate neighbours?

Development Sizes

The development sizes of these wind power projects are quite varied. The largest group, with a total capacity of 473 GW, consists of projects that are larger than 200 MW. There are even more substantial projects in the pipeline, with 395 GW being larger than 500 MW and 347 GW exceeding 1 GW.

Stages of Development

The stages of development for these projects are also diverse. There are 183 GW of wind power capacity already in operation and 20 GW in live project delivery. Furthermore, there are 308 GW in the early stage concept phase and an additional 167 GW is in advanced planning. These numbers show the significant potential of wind power in the UK and its neighbouring regions.

Types of Wind Power Projects

The types of wind power projects also vary. The largest categories are offshore fixed wind power projects accounting for 310 GW and onshore wind projects contributing 234 GW. There are also 135 GW of floating offshore wind power projects, demonstrating the innovation in this sector.

Cancelled and Shut Down Projects

Despite the promising figures, it is also important to note that not all projects proceed as planned. A total of 32 GW of wind power capacity has been cancelled, and some have already been shut down. However, these numbers are relatively small compared to the overall wind power capacity in the UK and its immediate neighbours.

Which of these Numbers Surprises You Most?

Undoubtedly, these statistics provide a fascinating insight into the world of wind power in the UK. Whether it’s the impressive total capacity of 680 GW, the significant number of large-scale projects, or the diversity in the types and stages of projects, there’s plenty to surprise and intrigue. What’s clear is that wind power plays a vital role in the UK’s energy sector and is set to continue doing so in the future.

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