What is Insyn?

Insyn is an unbiased community-based ‘one-stop-shop’ Platform for energy professionals and decision-makers. The emphasis is on making available a growing range of fit-for-purpose, accessible and interactive tools- and on growing a ‘community of practice’ of Members & collaborators.

Insyn and its content is an antidote to lengthy/ costly static reports and unwieldy spreadsheets – and is designed to run on any operating system & screen format.

This release is a demonstration prototype which includes a community Forum; samples of curated data & policy information; bespoke simple calculators & web applications; and open-source mapping / live data resources.

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“Working on Insyn from an initial seed of an idea to a working prototype has been a huge but rewarding challenge. I’m excited to see how Insyn will continue to grow and develop and how we can help others incorporate their insights.” Rosie Griffiths, Creative Director

Who is Insyn for?

Insyn supports decision makers and analysts in a wide spectrum of roles across the energy sector on cleantech solutions, including investment companies, energy companies, project developers, innovators, research groups, government bodies and consultancies.

Example users who could benefit from Insyn include:

  • Analysts in investment companies and energy companies seeking tools and peer expertise to help screen the drivers of value in cleantech companies or projects
  • Local Government, Community Energy Schemes and Policy-Makers who are looking for interactive tools and expertise to help explore the interaction between technical designs, economic + carbon performance
  • Strategy Professionals in energy companies seeking efficient ways to compare costs and carbon footprint of different classes of cleantech project.
  • Business Development and Project Developers seeking independent analysis to identifying possible target cleantech project types for greenfield development or for acquisitions
  • Energy Consultants who seek curated information, interactive tools and expert input to expedite the screening of economic and+ carbon performance of their technical designs
  • Research Institutes, Academics & Students who are looking for interactive tools to support their wholistic learning & research efforts.
“Insyn is Swedish for insight and transparency. This insight is what we will deliver for people interested in understanding energy transition.” Simon Stromberg, Commercial Director

Why should I join as a Member?

The Insyn platform is a unique Membership-driven one-stop-shop for different kinds of high-quality aggregated content, to feed integrated and peer-reviewed solutions for the grand challenge of the coming decades. The content will be dynamically developed and expanded (as resources allow), based on feedback from Members.

Membership includes access to all areas of the platform including the community Forum, interaction with other Members, curated data / information, simple calculators and bespoke project lifecycle evaluation demo apps created by Olwg.

“So the Energy Transition is moving as slowly as could be expected of such a complex + dynamic challenge. It involves unpopular choices, and is hindered by vested interests + misinformation. A lot of the good data out there is scattered around obscure corners of the internet, and either written for industry specialists or kept behind inaccessible paywalls. I want to create an exciting social ‘hive-mind’ of accessible + evolving wisdom around what tools and visualisations are the best ones for the job of helping decision-makers understand the long-term impacts of development investments.” Tony Griffiths, Technical Director

How much does Insyn Membership cost?

As Insyn is a demo prototype still in development, membership is free for a limited initial period to encourage feedback on user experience.

In return for free testing of our tools, constructive feeback is requested on the Platform and information/ tools contained within, as well as suggestions for additional features that would be useful in future.

The longer-term commercial model will be confirmed after the current phase of initial user feedback. The goal is for some public content to remain free forever, but some of the specially-developed tools will be covered by a flexible subscription plan or pay-per-use payment options, intended to keep these tools affordable and widely accessible.

We anticipate that special dispensation on pricing will be applied to at least make the Platform content + tools ‘free forever’ to students and academics.

Find out more

There is further information about Insyn on our FAQs page www.insyn.co.uk/faqs

To talk about opportunities for Partnering with / investing in Insyn, or sponsoring/ advertising other commercial content – please email info@olwg.co.uk or contact us through the chat function in the platform.

As part of The Greenhouse programme at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation, Olwg has been financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

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