Feb 1st 2022 saw the relaunch of the Insyn Energy Community Platform with a fresh new look to complement the rebranding of the Olwg website.

Insyn The Energy Community Platford

All of the existing applications and content are still hosted on the platform with new content frequently added. We have ambitious plans for 2022 to continue developing and growing the platform with exciting and insightful content over the coming weeks.

Also updated is the Insyn membership structure. Four membership options are now available:

Insyn Lite

Is the FREE entry membership level and give you access to all of the community engagement

features and open source content.

Insyn Professional

Is the premium membership with full access to the platform including follow on technical support.

Insyn Academic

In line with Olwg’s commitment to democratising clean energy data and helping future generations we offer FREE membership to all students and academics and gives with full access to the site. Current Academic email address required to join.

Insyn Partners

Is available to professional organisations looking to have more input into the development of applications.

Insyn Membership Benefits

Insyn is a one stop shop for interactive learning and decision tools for energy transition and clean energy projects. The main features of Insyn include:

  • Web tools accessible on any operating system and screen format.
  • Community engagement features.
  • Curated high quality data and policy information including open-source live data and mapping.
  • A range of simple calculators to quickly understand energy transition technologies and systems.

If you are interested in learning more about Insyn or to request a demo please contact the team at Olwg.

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